Recycling Empty Shake Canisters

Most of you already know  Sean and I are huge fans of Isagenix. It’s what we do full time and it’s all we’ve done for the past 8 years. I drink the shakes EVERY day for breakfast, so you can imagine how much of these canisters I’ve gone through over the years. After throwing away dozens of empty canisters, I finally decided to make use out of them. I wanted to show you just a few of the ways I’ve re-purposed these things.


I’ve used them in my pantry to hold different things like rice and oatmeal. I use them in my bathroom, school room, and nail salon. I just washed them out and covered them with some cute shelf paper. I even spray painted some of the lids just for fun.

image copy 2

Some other ways I’ve covered them is by using mod podge to stick on some cute scrapbook paper or photos. Look how nicely they fit in my IKEA shelves.


This may seem a little funny to you, but I just like the uniform look in my pantry so I made a removable fabric slip for the shake canister that I’m using. When it’s gone, I just remove the slip and slide it on a new canister. The slip is a “no sew” project. Took my about 5 minutes. Just cut a piece of fabric and hot glued the edges to make it look like I hemmed it :). It’s cute right:). We all know how important it is that your pantry looks CUTE :). It’s just one of those things that makes me feel good when I see it.  I don’t know why.

image copy

Here’s a fun little idea. I hot glued a magnet on the bottom of this one and decorated it with some shelf paper and gems. You can use this little guy for lots of different things. In your office you can put paper clips, or thumb tacs in it. In your craft room you can use it for safety pins or sequens. In your pantry you can use it for spices or sweeteners. The ideas are endless.

photo-1 copy

Here’s a fun one. We call it the “I’m Bored Jar”. It’s filled with little folded up papers, each one has an activity idea for the kids to do when they are bored. I think they like the idea of not knowing what they might draw. I’m always adding new things to it too. When ever I see something fun on Pinterest, I add it to the pot. It’s actually used quite a bit too. The activities include things like, play house, have a puppet show, make an obstacle course, scavenger hunt (I’ll give them a list of items they need to find around the house), play legos, play-doh, write a story, read a book, draw, color, paint, hide and go seek, Barbies, cars, board games, put on a play, make up a dance, write a letter, dress up, tea party, ect.

photo copy

The last idea is this one. I spray painted it, added some ribbon and now I’ve got a cute pen holder for the school room.

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  1. KathyNo Gravatar says:

    Super cute ideas!

  2. ReneeNo Gravatar says:

    Love, love, love!!! You are so creative! I want to try the photo idea – great :)

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